Litchan is a community builder for link aggregation and discussion. In other words, you can create a board and post links manually or automatically through RSS feeds. Others can join your board and comment on your links or post their own. You can moderate these posts and comments as the board owner.

Litchan aims to be as dynamic as possible. Comments appear instantly to others when posted, the post feed live-updates as new links are added, votes on comments and posts update live. These features and others are there to increase the feeling of presence.

Tenets of Litchan

  • The owners of this platform are antifascist. We refuse to harbor hateful, racist, or sexist groups. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • We believe in objective fact. We will not host fake news or content designed explicitly to misinform.
  • We promote safe spaces. Above and beyond our platform's rules, we empower groups to block and ban bad actors.